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MicroMonitor by Tensai Labs

April 9, 2009

MicroMonitor is a microblog monitoring tool for Twitter. Others, such
as Facebook will be added in the future. It is a lightweight application that
resides in your system tray and and displays updates in a balloon tip window
as it finds updated statuses for the microblogs you are following. It also allows
you to update your microblog by right clicking the tray icon.

The C# source code is also a great example of REST based reads/writes and
Twitter REST based API interaction. Other aspects it uses are XPath, LINQ and
Unit Tests. Please send any bugs you may find to tensailabs at

Download it here!


Windows 7 provides a new feature which is called “Aero Snap”

March 25, 2009

Aero Snap is a new feature which was added to Windows 7, where in you can drag any window to the top of your screen to maximize it or take it to the left or right to snap it to the side and re-size by 50 per cent and when you drag it back to the last position, the window size will be restored. This feature is now available for XP and Vista. AeroSnap is a simple but powerful application that allows you to resize, arrange or maximize your desktop windows with just drag and drop. Aero Snap supports both Windows XP as well as Vista. Click here to view the full article.

Microsoft focused on creating a product that can run on the kinds of hardware being used in today’s netbooks.

March 20, 2009

Microsoft is hoping Windows 7 provides an opportunity to move netbooks up the food chain, with the distinction between such devices and traditional laptops eventually going away entirely. Click here to view the full article.

er years of losing market share to Firefox and other rivals, Microsoft released IE8

March 20, 2009

A video was released on the history of the Internet that also shows off some of the new features of IE8 including its private browsing mode and so-called “accelerators” that let users take action without leaving the Web page they are on. Click here to see the full article.

Vista Themed Address Bar for .NET 2.0/WinForms

March 15, 2009

Click here to check out the  article/code sample contains a personal implementation of the Vista-Style address bar for use in .NET/Winforms applications. It’s based around a simple Tree/Node traversal that can be inherited to browse whatever you like.

Aero Peek Enhancements in Windows 7

March 15, 2009

Aero Peek is new to this operating system and is one of many technologies that Microsoft has implemented over the years to combat problems caused by excessive multitasking. Click here to read more.